AlphaPrime : Alpha prime is high quality safety products in the research and development, design and production of special professional tooling. It mainly all kinds of special PPE items. Our major products is Euro Alpaha prime Safety shoe - Read More

AlphaTrendy: Alpha trendy is high quality safety products in the research and development, design and production of special professional tooling. It mainly all kinds of special PPE items. Major products is Euro Alpaha trendy Safety shoe - Read More

Deltaplus: More than 40 years, Delta Plus mission is to protect the man at work. It’s a France origin company. Today the company designs, standardizes, manufactures or has manufactured and markets a complete range of personal protective equipment (PPE). - Read More

EuroAlpha : We define the best quality PPE product the way you would: one that fully, continuously, and proactively meets your needs. All the products we offer are tested against International Industry Standards. Our major products are Euro Alpha Safety Shoe, Euro Alpha Coverall Cotton, Euro alpha Coverall Polly cotton, - Read More

Eyevex: All Personal Protective EQUIPMENTS (PPE) under one roof. An organization that believes in sharing our expertise and providing right personal safety products / PPE products and industrial equipment under the brand name Eyevex, at the right price with integrity and honesty. - Read More

Fire Quash: is a continual developer, marketer and manufacturer of automatic fire extinguisher which has been proven to be capable of putting off fire graded Class A, Class B, Class C, Class E, Class F. At the moment.In addition, testing of a new type aerosol extinguisher is ongoing and the new product is scheduled be launched on the market in October 2019 - Read More

Globus: Globus Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) from.Since its formation over two decades ago, Globus has grown to become a dominant force in the hand protection industry. It is privately owned and has headquarters in Manchester, UK with regional operations in Dubai, UAE - Read More

JSP : Established in 1964, JSP is internationally recognized as the leading manufacturer of innovative ‘above the neck’ Personal Protective Equipment specializing in Head, Eye, Face and Respiratory Protection. - Read More

Karam: is a leading manufacturer of Personal Protective equipment in India. The vast range of PPE from KARAM is known for its finest quality and performance, besides providing the best & exclusively customized Industry specific fall protection safety solutions. Read More

Laswell: FFT suppresses fire with its chemical reaction and cooling effect within 3-5sec. When the extinguishing agent meets fire, the bubble foam and the gases (carbonic gas and ammonium gas) are generated. It blocks Oxygen and suffocates the fire with cooling effect. - Read More

Nightstick: designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., is a global brand of professional lighting products including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value. Products are Head light,Pen Tourch, Safety light,Traffic Light, Red Cap. - Read More

Nitcore : Nitcore is an international leading brand, concentrating on producing flashlight and charger. Its low power implementation and high stability result in a good reputation in this industry.Products are Flash light,Pen Tourch, Head Light,Battery Charge. - Read More

Portwest :Portwest is a global manufacturer and distributor of work wear, Established in 1904. Safety wear and PPE with global distribution from bases in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Dubai, Australia and the USA, manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, Myanmar and China, and customer support staff in over 120 countries, - Read More

Techniche: Techniche is USA based company and products are powered by our warming and cooling technologies, giving you protection in extreme environment. Evaporative cooling vest,evaporative neck shade. - Read More

Timberland : is an American manufacturer and globally. Retailer of outdoors wear, with a focus on footwear. It is owned by VF Corporation. Timberland footwear is marketed towards people intending outdoor use. - Read More

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